C o n c e p t  A r t i s t   &  I l l u s t r a t o r



I am an artist specialising in concept art and illustration. I draw and paint all manner of things but I especially love depicting science fiction themes.


Work Experience

[June 2012 – Present]
Company: Goodgame Studios
Position: Concept Artist
Worked on concept art and illustrations for multiple projects including: Goodgame Empire, Galaxy and currently unannounced projects.


[April 2010 – Oct 2011]
Freelance Artist & Illustrator
Produced illustrations for an unpublished childrens book. Also produced assets and design work for a couple of indie games and prototypes.


[Sept 2009 – Aug 2010]
Company: Canalside Studios
Position: Artist/Designer placement
I was a general artist. Since the studio is very small the artists, myself included, perform a multitude of task from across the entire art production side of games development, ranging from concept art to 3D modelling and animation. (My focus was 2D)



Level Up Contest 2014 ‘The Man of Armadon’ – 1st Place Winner – ‘The Man of Armadon’

[Illustration] The Man of Armadon














Comicon Challenge 2014 – 2nd Place 2D Winner – ‘The Last Arrow’

[Illustration] The Last Arrow